Title: Columbia Ice Field
Instrument: piano
Level: piano solo
Genre: contemporary

COLUMBIA ICEFIELD is a LEV 5-8 (PS) intermediate piano solo by Laura Weed. A tribute to Jasper National Park, the six note solid chords in this piece suggest the grandeur of the Canadian Rockies. 

Teaching concepts:

  • Keys: D major & A major
  • Time Signature: 4/4, also known as common time
  • Dynamics: mp, mf, f, crescendo & diminendo
  • Articulations: legato, tenuto & accents
  • Diminution, which is the use of smaller note values
  • Suspensions
  • Add 2 chords
  • Rolled chords
  • Six note solid chords
  • Tied notes
  • Quarter note triplets
LEVEL - PS, Piano Solo, (Level 5-8), Intermediate Piano


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