Title: Twinkling Stars
Instrument: piano
Level: five finger
Genre: contemporary

  Twinkling Stars is a five finger (beginner) piano solo by Laura Weed. Highlights include lyrics (so you can play and sing along!), legato phrasing, and three measures that are played hands together in easy C position.

- 4/4 time, common time
- Key of C major, C position
- quarter, half & whole notes
- quarter, half & whole rests
- legato phrasing (i.e. played smoothly connected)
- 5 RH notes - C, D, E, F & G
- 3 LH notes - E, F & G
- Intervals of a 2nd and a 3rd in the RH melody
- Repetition - The 1st & 3rd lines are exactly the same
- Only 3 measures are played hands together
5 finger, beginner piano
Fingering suggestions and lyrics included! 


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