Title: Silent Night Piano Solo
Instrument: piano
Level: piano solo
Genre: christmas

SILENT NIGHT is a LEV 5-8 (PS) intermediate piano solo, arranged in a jazz style by Laura Weed.

Teaching concepts:
  • Key of C major
  • 3/4 time (triple meter)
  • Notes (eighth, quarter, half & dotted half) Rests (quarter & half)
  • Chords - major, minor, add2, sus 4, half diminished, major 7th & minor 7th chords
  • Non chord notes - auxiliaries & passing notes
  • Triplets
  • 8va (Play one octave higher than written in the RH)
  • Two tempo changes (indicated by ritardando & A tempo)
  • Fermatas
  • Damper pedal
LEVEL - (PS) Piano Solo, (Level 5-8), Intermediate Piano


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