Title: Evergreen
Instrument: piano
Level: piano solo
Genre: contemporary

EVERGREEN is a LEV 5-8 (PS) intermediate piano solo by Laura Weed, which has five different key changes and is lovingly dedicated to the composer's mother.

Teaching concepts:

- 5 keys! C, F, G, D & A major
- 4/4 time, common time
- Cascading sixteenth notes
- Dotted quarter & half notes
- Slurred & tied notes
- Syncopated rhythms
- Damper pedal
- 8va sign
- Register changes
- Rolled chords
- Root, 1st inversion & 2nd inversion solid & broken chords
- D9 chords
- Non-chord notes (appoggiaturas, auxiliaries, passing notes & cambiatas)
- LH thumb moves over the 2nd finger
- Dynamic changes (mp-f)
- Stretching a major 9th in two LH chords (m. 71 & m. 94) 
- Tenuto markings
- Beautiful arpeggios!

LEVEL - (PS) Piano Solo, (Level 5-8), Intermediate Piano

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