Title: Jericho
Instrument: piano
Level: easy piano
Genre: sacred

JERICHO is a LEV 3-4 (EP) early intermediate piano solo, arranged by Laura Weed. The 4 bar intro theme in this spiritual reappears between verses. The introduction also reappears in the codetta, which is a shortened coda section.

Teaching concepts:

- Key of D minor (Accidentals have been used instead of a key signature)
- D melodic minor scale
- Tied notes
- Triplets 
- Articulations (accents, legato & staccato)
- 2nd finger moves over the thumb in the RH
- Melody alternates between a lowered 7th (C natural) and a raised 7th scale degree (C sharp)

LEVEL (EP) Easy Piano, (Level 3-4), Early Intermediate Piano   


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