Title: Für Elise Big Note
Instrument: piano
Level: big note
Genre: classical

FUR ELISE by Beethoven is a LEV 1-2 (BN) elementary piano solo, arranged by Laura Weed. Easy and fun to play!

Teaching concepts:
  • Keys of A minor (relative minor) & C major (relative major)
  • 3/4 time (triple meter)
  • Ternary form (ABA) Beethoven's original solo is in rondo form
  • Three measures hands together in the B section (m. 18-20)
  • Accidentals (sharps & naturals)
  • Chromatic movement (downward melodic movement by semitones or half steps) 
  • Slurred notes & legato phrasing
  • Notes (eighth, quarter, half & dotted half) Rests (eighth, quarter, half, dotted half & whole)
  • Dynamics (mezzo piano, mezzo forte and diminuendo sign)
  • One tempo change (ritardando) near the end of the piece
LEVEL (BN) Big Note piano, (Level 1-2), Elementary Piano 

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