Title: Away in a Manger
Instrument: piano
Level: easy piano
Genre: christmas

AWAY IN A MANGER is a LEV 3-4 (EP) early intermediate piano solo, arranged by Laura Weed, which introduces the deceptive cadence (V to vi). A timeless holiday classic!                                   
Teaching concepts:
- Key of F major in 3/4 time
- Damper pedal
- Articulations - legato & staccato
- Dynamics - crescendo, diminuendo, piano, mezzo piano, mezzo forte 
- Chords - D sus 4 chord, F augmented chords & C7 chords
- Notes - Dotted quarter notes and tied notes
- Harmonic intervals - 2nds, 3rds, 4ths & 6ths  
- Fermata 
- Pivot LH 2nd finger up a major 6th
- Varied phrasing
- Smooth thirds
- 4 tempo changes 
- RH leap of a minor 7th
- LH reads notes in both treble & bass clefs 
- Cadences - Perfect, plagal & deceptive 

LEVEL - EP, Easy Piano, (Level 3-4), Early intermediate piano

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