Title: Andalucia Rondo
Instrument: piano
Level: big note
Genre: contemporary

ANDALUCIA RONDO features exotic Spanish style melodies! Teaching concepts include

- Key of A minor
- 3/4 time
- Rondo form (ABACADA)
- Eighth, quarter & dotted half notes, quarter rests
- Exoticism in music
- Accidentals, raised leading note G sharp
- 2nd finger moves over the RH thumb
- Articulations - accents, legato & staccato
- Tied notes
- Dynamic range (mezzo piano to forte)
- Fermata sign
- Root position & 2nd inversion solid chords
- Root position broken chords
- RH thumb is placed on E, F, G, A, B & C
- Unison passage for both hands in octaves
- Intervals up to a 6th (Great for pianists with small hands!)

Fingering suggestions are included
LEVEL Big Note Piano (Level 1-2), Elementary Piano  

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