Title: Peanut Butter Boogie
Instrument: piano
Level: easy piano
Genre: jazz

PEANUT BUTTER BOOGIE is a lively piano piece with long-short (swing feel) rhythm. Teacher E.T. says 'I especially like Peanut Butter Boogie. Kids will love to learn that one.' Teaching concepts include

- Key of G major (F#)
- 4/4 time, common time
- Dynamics - mezzo piano, mezzo forte & forte
- Grace notes
- Articulations - accents, legato & staccato
- Staccato phrase endings
- Accidentals (sharps, flats & naturals)
- Ledger line notes above & below the staff (RH) and just below the staff (LH)
- Notes - eighth notes & rests, quarter notes & rests, dotted half notes & whole notes 
- Register & hand position changes
- Swing feel (long-short) jazz rhythm style

Fingering suggestions are included
LEVEL - (EP) Easy Piano (Level 3-4), Early Intermediate

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