Title: Halloween Boogie
Instrument: piano
Level: easy piano
Genre: seasonal

HALLOWE'EN BOOGIE has a trick - hand crossings in the B section! Teaching concepts include  
  •  Key of D natural minor, Aeolian mode (NOTE: Accidentals are used instead of a key signature) 
  •  4/4 time (common time)
  •  Ternary form (ABA) The A sections are light & mischievous while the B section is spooky!  
  •  Syncopated rhythms 
  •  Staccato minor 2nds
  •  Hand crossings (only in the B section) where the RH moves over the LH 
  •  Repeated patterns in the bass
  •  Articulations (staccato, legato, slurs & tied notes)
  •  Dynamics (mezzo piano, mezzo forte & forte)  
  •  Ledger line notes (treble & bass clefs)
  •  Notes (eighth, quarter, half & dotted half) Rests (eighth, quarter & half)
  •  Accidentals (sharps & flats)
  •  Register changes
  •  A section is based on a D natural minor scale. 
Fingering suggestions are included.
LEVEL - (EP) Easy Piano, early intermediate

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