Title: Bring a Torch
Instrument: piano
Level: big note
Genre: christmas

BRING A TORCH is a LEV 1-2 (BN) elementary piano solo, arranged by Laura Weed, which introduces the concepts of tonic major and tonic minor. The full title of this beautiful French carol is Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella.  

Teaching concepts:

- Keys of G minor (tonic minor) & G major (tonic major)
- 3/4 time
- G melodic minor scale
- Register changes (indicated by 8va)
- Accidentals (flats, sharps & naturals)
- Tied notes
- Left hand reads notes in both treble & bass clefs
- Dynamics range from mezzo piano to forte      

LEVEL - (BN) Big Note Piano, (Level 1-2), Elementary piano

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