Title: Pachelbel's Canon in D
Instrument: piano
Level: big note
Genre: classical

Pachelbel's CANON IN D has been given a fresh, modern makeover. Originally written for strings, this popular Baroque era piece has been rewritten for very easy piano and transposed to the key of C Major. Canon in D is often played for weddings and other special events. Teaching concepts include

- Key of C major (no sharps, no flats)
- 4/4 time, quadruple time, common time
- Ledger line notes
- Balance - The RH should be heard over the mostly broken chord bass
- Tied notes
- Varied dynamics
- Articulations (staccato & legato)
- Chords (major, minor, sus 4 & add 2)
- Root position, 1st inversion & 2nd inversion left hand broken triads

Fingering suggestions are included
LEVEL - (BN) Big Note Piano (Level 1-2) 

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