Title: Ode To Joy
Instrument: piano
Level: big note
Genre: classical

ODE TO JOY is a very easy piano arrangement of Beethoven's Symphony 9 (Choral). It is remarkable that Beethoven managed to write his last symphony, because he was completely deaf.  Teaching concepts include

- Key of C major (no sharps, no flats)
- 4/4 time
- C five finger hand position, except to stretch the pinky (finger 5) down to B in the left hand
- Dotted quarter notes
- Eighth notes - single eighth notes and eighths beamed in groups of 4
- Subdividing the beat by counting 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and  
- Hand span of a minor 6th
- Tied notes
- 8va - The right hand plays one octave higher than written
- Dynamics - mezzo piano, mezzo forte, forte, and diminuendo
- Ritardando e diminuendo (Slower and softer at the end of the piece)

Fingering suggestions are included
LEVEL - (BN) Big Note Piano, Level 1-2, elementary piano 

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