Title: The Wizard's Apprentice
Instrument: piano
Level: big note
Genre: seasonal

THE WIZARD'S APPRENTICE is a LEV 1-2 (BN) elementary piano solo by Laura Weed, based on the Aeolian mode.

Teaching concepts:

- Key of D natural minor, Aeolian mode  - Accidentals are used instead of a key signature
- 4/4 time, common time
- Humorous accented minor seconds
- Articulations (accents, legato & staccato)
- Notes - eighth notes, quarter notes & rests, dotted quarter notes, half notes & rests, whole notes & rests
- Wide dynamic range (mp-ff) and crescendo & diminuendo signs
- 8va (RH)
- Accidentals (flats & sharps)
- Student tested! S.B. says that the staccato and accents sound cool! 

LEVEL - (BN) Big Note Piano (Level 1-2), Elementary Piano

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