Title: Song of the Swan
Instrument: piano
Level: big note
Genre: contemporary

SONG OF THE SWAN is a lyrical piano piece, which stretches the left hand a major 7th. Teaching concepts include

- Key of C major
- 4/4 time
- Tempo changes (indicated by the Italian musical terms, ritardando & A tempo)
- Right hand (RH) register changes (indicated by 8va)
- Legato phrasing
- Expressive dynamics (mezzo piano, crescendo, diminuendo & mezzo forte)
- One accidental (F#)
- Fermata
- Chords (major, minor & seventh chords)
- Ledger line notes above the staff in the LH (bass clef only)
Fingering is included  
LEVEL (BN) Big Note Piano (Level 1-2)  

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