Title: Turkish March
Instrument: piano
Level: piano solo
Genre: classical

TURKISH MARCH by Mozart is a LEV 5-8 (PS) intermediate piano solo, arranged by Laura Weed. This version is shorter than Mozart's and there are no embellishments (like grace notes) in this version, which makes it easier to play!    

Teaching concepts:
- Keys of A minor (tonic minor) and A major (tonic major)
- 2/4 time
- Classical era styling (with a modern chord twist!)
- Form: ternary (ABA)
- legato phrasing with accents
- accidentals: G#, F# and D# 
- Alberti bass (sonatina style) added to emphasize legato phrasing
- ledger line notes
- hand crossings in the B section  
- For register variety, the B section is one octave lower than Mozart's 
- root, 1st and 2nd inversion chords 
- dynamics: mp, mf, f plus two crescendo signs
- Unlike the original, this short version uses no ornamentation 

LEVEL (PS) Piano Solo, (Level 5-8), Intermediate

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