Title: ZAP
Instrument: piano
Level: five finger
Genre: contemporary

ZAP is a BEGINNER (5F) piano solo by Laura Weed, which features a C minor melody and only 2 accidentals, E flat and F sharp.  

Teaching concepts:

- Key of C minor. Accidentals are used instead of a key signature.

- Two accidentals: Eb and F#

- 4/4 time, common time

- smooth, legato phrases are followed by accented staccato notes

- quarter and half notes

- quarter, half and whole rests

- dynamics - mp, mf and f

- harmonic 2nds and one harmonic 5th in bar 16

- melodic 2nds and skips of a 3rd 

LEVEL (5F), 5 Finger Piano, Beginner Piano


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