Title: Adagio
Instrument: piano
Level: piano solo
Genre: classical

Albinoni's ADAGIO is a Baroque work, rewritten in Romantic era style for intermediate piano. Because Italian composer Tomaso Albinoni was known as an opera composer, his singing melodies are enchanting.  Teaching concepts include

- Key of G minor (2 flats, Bb and Eb)
- G melodic minor includes raised 6th (E) and leading tone (F#) 
- 2/4 time, duple time, simple time
- Rolled four note chords in the RH
- Quarter note triplets
- Varied dynamics
- Dotted rhythms
- Tenuto markings
- Final bass note is played 8va lower 

LEVEL - (PS) Intermediate Piano (Level 5-8) 

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