Title: Symphony No. 6 (1st mov.)
Instrument: piano
Level: easy piano
Genre: classical

(1st mv) by Tchaikovsky is a LEV 3-4 (EP) early intermediate piano solo, arranged by Laura Weed. Highlights include chromatic movement, solid & broken chords, and ledger line notes.

Teaching concepts:
  • Key of D major (accidentals instead of a key signature)
  • 4/4 time
  • solid & broken chords
  • ledger line notes
  • 2nd & 3rd fingers move over the thumb in both hands
  • legato phrasing
  • Root, 1st & 2nd inversion chords
  • dynamic changes - mp, mf, crescendo & diminuendo
  • quarter & half rests
  • eighth, quarter, half, dotted half & whole notes
LEVEL (EP), Easy Piano, (Level 3-4), Early Intermediate Piano

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